Sausset: holidays hiring on the Côte bleue (eastern of Marseilles) : T2 (4 pers.) weekly or monthly during off season.   Sausset: holidays hiring on the Côte bleue (eastern of Marseilles) : T2 (4 pers.) weekly or monthly during off season. - Contact:
  General conditions  

The tariff depends on the period. See the page: Free periods

Thank you to check that the period that you wish is quite free to:
By email:
or by phone:  33442439045 - 0684401010 .
On your request, we will send an estimate specifying to you the rate of your option.

To confirm this option and to transform it into firm reservation, you return this estimate signed by your care, while making out a check upon a French bank or a SEPA credit transfer to the order of:
Mme. ou M. PRESENT,
the amount of the installment and while uniting:
- a photocopy of your identity card,
- a photocopy of an electricity or telephone invoice indicating your address,
- a certificate of insurance 'civil responsibility while holiday' (extension of your insurance of main home)
and by sending the whole at the address:

Mme. ou M. PRESENT
3 Bd. du Château Double, Bt.2

A receipt will be turned over to you, with the instruction and leasing agreement to recover the keys and to make the inventory of fixtures.
CAUTION: do not delay to return the check of reservation, because any other person who would send her check before you would shave the studio, and your check would be returned to you.
The pay of the hiring as well as the amount of the visitor's tax (indicated in the estimate) are to be send, by cheque upon a French bank or a SEPA credit transfer (even order, even address sending), before the deadline indicated on the estimate.

Except particular agreement with the agency, the reservations are done per one week periods minimum from June to September, and Saturday between 14:00. and 16:00. on Saturday morning before 10:00. , except if saturdays are non-working, and by one month periods from October to May.
You will find on place all the necessary information for your stay.
You must return the house in a state of cleanliness similar to that which you found while arriving (a vacuum cleaner is provided for this purpose).
A guarantee for the household is required with the balance of the amount of the hiring, to guarantee the cleanliness of the housing which will be occupied the same day, by another tenant. The agency is elected to evaluate the quality of cleaning and to supplement, if necessary, your cleaning by a household service, appointed on the guarantee-household, to make housing impeccable for the people who will succeed you.
The guarantee required for breakage serves to guarantee the good use of the devices as housing, or the accidents which could occur during your stay.
Its amount depends on the type of hiring:
        - 1.000 euros for a monthly hiring,
        - 800 euros if not,
in the form of a not cashed cheque upon a french bank agency .
A not cashed guarantee of: 100 euros is asked for the remote controls of the portal of the cars and the pedestrians gate, and making sure of an impeccable cleaning at the end of the stay.
These two guarantees are to be sent with the pay of the hiring, with the cheque of the visitor's tax whose amount appears in the estimate.
. If no french bank agency is avalaible, all this payments must be done with an interbank transfer SEPA made out in euros The guarantees will be returned to you by the post office after the stay, once made the inventory of fixtures of exit (good walk of equipment, return of the remote controls and cleanliness).
Only the tenants with a complete file and having provided all the requested cheques will see themselves giving the keys by the agency.

Cloths and the household linen are not provided.

For reason of hygiene, the animals are not allowed.

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