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CANNES LA BOCCA: Studio 2 pers. and 2 children, swimming pool, parking & air conditioning.

             CANNES LA BOCCA: Studio for the week (2 pers. and 2 children) with swimming pool, parking, air conditioning and panoramic sea view:
CANNES LA BOCCA: Studio for the week (2 pers. and 2 children) with swimming pool, parking, air conditioning and panoramic sea view: - Contact:

  General conditions

The weekly tariff depends on the period (see the page: " Free periods
and prices

Thank you to check that the period that you wish is quite free to:
E-mail :
or by phone (0442205353 ou 0618937431)
    ( from abroad: 33 442205353).

You will then receive, by e-mail, an estimate for the period requested. 
The reservation will be firm after the cashing, as a deposit, of the check mentioned in the estimate payable to: M. PRESENT, of the quarter of the amount of the hiring which you will have returned to the address:
3 Bd. du Château Double, Bt.2

A receipt will be returned to you, with the rental contract (available on this site).
You will then have to send by email the documents proving your identity, your home and a certificate of insurance 'holiday'. Upon receipt of these documents, you will receive the signed contract and instructions to retrieve the keys and take stock of the situation.
CAUTION: do not delay to return the check of reservation, because any other person who would send her check before you would shave the studio, and your check would be returned to you.

The reservations are done from Sonday afternoon to Sonday morning.

The person who accommodates you is entitled to ask you for a supplement for a reception out of these schedules.
You will on the spot find all the necessary information with your stay.
You must leave back the house in a state of cleanliness similar to that which you found while arriving (a vacuum cleaner is provided for this purpose).
A guarantee is requested from the reservation and is given back at the end of the stay, after visit of the places.
The person who will check the place of exit is entitled to charge you the amount of a household, if she considers the state of the place poorly cleaned when you leave.
In order not to delay your departure, she will take stock of the situation as quickly as possible, but she will check the cleanliness and condition of the equipment after your departure and any lack or deterioration will be imputed to you.
Sleeping equipment is provided, but you can bring your own as a hygiene measure. Household linen is not provided but available, on prior request from the person who will make the inventory of the premises (contact details on your quote).

The animals are not allowed.

Printable version

Printable version
Do you want to stay in peace? The others too. To do this, ensure that everyone follows the
Condominium Rules     available here ==>>          Printable version
Détendez-vous à la piscine en respectant le règlement intérieur qui garantit la sécurité et le bienêtre de chacun
Règlement Intérieur de la piscine      disponible ici ===>>         Printable version